Acalypha (Chenille Plant): 4 Inch
Height: 7”/Spread: 15-18”
Chenille Plant gets its name from 5-7″ long, trailing, fuzzy red cattails that trail above a thick mound of serrated leaves all summer long. One of our most popular hanging baskets. Also adaptable as a house plant.

Tiki Peach Whirl: 2 Gallon
This easy to grow, heat and sun loving tropical plant brings a whirl of color to the landscape or containers. Curly and serrated foliage in bronze, pink and yellow with hints of orange are at their best in a bright, sunny spot.

African Daisy : 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 14-18”
Open, daisy-like blooms with dark, central eye. Aromatic, gray-green foliage. Trailing habit good for filling beds or containers. Drought tolerant once established. Long summer bloomers.

Spring Flash Mix: A mix of white, pink and salmon shades.
Spring Flash Orange: Brilliant orange.
Spring Flash Yellow:
Bright yellow.

Alyssum: 1204 pak
Height: 4”/Spread: 10”
Hundreds of tiny blossoms cover low mounding plants. Light green narrow leaves. Great in gardens and containers. Fragrant.

Easter Bonnet Mix: White, pink, lavender, violet, & rose.
Snow Crystal: Pure white.
Easter Bonnet Pink: Deep pink.
Wonderland Blue: Crystal blue.
Easter Bonnet Violet: Deep violet.

Lobularia Stream Series: 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/Spread: 8-12”
Plants are vigorous and sterile. Because it puts no energy into setting seed, it has an incredibly long bloom time. Great heat tolerance. Sweet honey fragrance.
Lavender Stream: Pretty lavender.
Silver Stream: Pure white.
Purple Stream: Dark purple.

Ageratum: 4 inch
Height: 12″/Spread 10″
Artist Blue: Small, fluffy, blue button-like flowers bloom all season with no deadheading. Use in baskets, containers and in the landscape.

Agrostis: 4 inch
Height: 18-24”/Spread: 18-24”
Bushy, grasslike foliage looks like green hair; keep well-watered during hot spells. Use in baskets and containers.

Alternanthera: 4 inch
HeightL 18-24″/Spread 12-14″
Red Threads: Extremely fine and delicate texture, forming a carpet in shades of red and burgundy. A very nice contrast and fill in between other plants in a container or in the garden.

Amaranthus: 4 Inch
Height: 4’/Spread: 18-24”
Carnival: A colorful, delightful, striking foliage plant with fiery shades of yellow and red contrasting with bronze leaves. Tall purple flowers are produced in late summer.

Argyranthemum: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Compact plants bloom throughout the season. Dark green deeply cut foliage. Daisy-like blooms make an excellent choice for the garden. Great for containers.

Butterfly: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 20-36″/Spread 12-15″
Proven Winners Product. Spectacular bright lemon-yellow daisies all season; heat tolerant; excellent garden performance. Even under hot, dry conditions, these plants produce such a mass of buttery daisies that you can hardly see the deep green foliage.

Dana: 4 inch
Height: 18-20″/Spread 18-20″
This tough compact grower produces simple white daisies with bright yellow eyes all summer long. This charming Marguerite daisy is one of the easiest ornamental fillers for a sunny garden.

Honeybee White Butterfly: 1 gallon
Height: 12-18”/Spread: 12-15”
This old-fashioned favorite is sure to attract attention. Feathery foliage compliments a non-stop display of beautiful white blooms with yellow centers. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting

Comet Series: 4 inch
Height: 12-18”/Spread: 12-16”
Exceptionally vigorous and strong. Argyranthemum frutescens form a flowering ball-shaped bush with an abundance of large flowers. Excellent for use in the border, specimen or in containers.
Primrose: Soft pastel yellow.
Red: Magenta.
Pink Shades: Rosy pink.
White: Pure white.

Asparagus Fern: 4 inch
Height: 12”/Spread: 16-18”
sprengeri: Soft needle-like foliage cover long arching stems. Dark green color.
Great container accent. Can be used both inside and outdoors. Frost hardy.

Bacopa (Also Sutera): 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/Spread: Trailing
Big Falls Series: Superb branching habit with noticeably larger blooms. Fragrant and self-cleaning.
Dark Blue: Lilac blue.
Dark Pink: Cherry blossom pink.
White: Snow white.

Utopia Collection: 2.5 inch
Scopia™ Gulliver Snow: Large, white flowers; semi-trailing habit.

Begonia, Fibrous: 1202 Pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 8-10”
Small clusters of flowers with bright yellow centers are held above large glossy leaves. Great for beds and in containers. Unique foliage accent.

Bronze Leaf Pink: Light pink.
Green Leaf Pink: Light pink.
Green Leaf Mix: Red, pink, white.
Green Leaf Red: Bright red.
Green Leaf White: White.

Begonia, Tuberous: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12” 
The Nonstop® Begonia offers large double flowers that provide a visual showcase in low light areas. Large bright green leaves. Great in beds, containers, and baskets. One of the showiest shade flowers.  Proven Winners Product.
Apricot: Light orange/yellow.
Pink: Soft pink.
Deep Salmon: Salmon-pink.
Rose: Deep rose.
Showy bicolor with shades of yellow, orange and red.
Scarlet: Red.
White: White.
Orange: Bright orange.
Yellow: Bright yellow.

Non-Stop™ Mocca: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12”
The very popular Nonstop series with stunning dark brown foliage. Leaves are as elegant as the large 4” fully double blooms. A Proven Winner Selection.
Mix: Mix of colors with dark brown foliage.

Dragon Wing™: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 18-24”
Lovely green, angel wing leaves Ideal habit for the landscape, containers and awesome hanging baskets. Extremely heat tolerant. Very vigorous. Proven Winners Product.
Pink: Abundant bright pink flowers all summer.
Red: Covered in rosy-red blooms.

Bidens: 2.5 inch & 4 inch
Height: 5-8”/Spread: Varies with Variety
Beedance Painted Red: Unique yellow flower centers and red to bronze colored petals, high flower count, dense branching, and continuous blooming. Excellent for hanging baskets or in combinations.
Yellow Sunshine: Semi-double lemon yellow flowers on 16” long branches, brings a bouquet of sunshine in containers and in the landscape.
Hawaiian Flare Red Drop: Scarlett flowers with dark foliage.
Hawaiian Flare Red Star: Star shaped flowers are bright red with a red star.

Brachycome: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12”
Bravo Blue: Deep blue daisy type flower with a black eye. Flowers all summer. Great for containers and baskets.

Calendula: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 8-10”
Bon Bon Series are early blooming with bright colored flowers that resemble marigolds. A very hardy plant. Flowers are produced abundantly if old flowers are removed.
Apricot: Soft apricot.
Orange: Bright orange.
Yellow: Vivid yellow.

Calibrachoa (Million Bells): 4 inch
Height: 6-10”/Spread: 12-16”
Trailing vines bear hundreds of miniature petunia-like blossoms. Use in front of gardens, rock gardens, or in containers and baskets. Keep well fertilized for best performance.

Aloha Series:
Super easy care! These are prolific bloomers all summer long. Self-cleaning, no dead heading. Mounding trailing habit but with a tidy look. Early flower power and good heat tolerance.
Blue Sky: Light blue with a yellow throat.
Kona Dark Red: True deep red with a yellow eye.
Kona Hot Orange: Deep orange with a yellow eye.
Kona Hot Pink: Neon rosy-pink with a yellow eye.
Kona Mandarin: Medium orange with a darker star pattern and a yellow eye.
Kona True Blue: Deep midnight blue with a yellow eye.
Kona White: Royal white with a greenish yellow eye.
Midnight Purple: Vivid midnight blue with a yellow eye.

Can Can Series:
Dark Purple: Deep purple, almost black with a yellow eye.
Orange: Pure orange.

Mini Famous Series:
If you like Calibrachoa, then you’re going to love these calibrachoa plants! With all the beauty of normal Calibrachoa, these will excel in your hanging baskets and pots and containers. Two inch blooms coming up in the center all season long. (No flat-tops here!) It simply covers itself in flowers, and drops them neatly when they pass — no deadheading needed, ever! Expect it to trail 2 feet long (easily) and to bloom from late spring into fall. Once it gets going, heat won’t bother it, drought won’t stress it, and hummingbirds won’t leave it alone!
Double Blue: Amethyst.
Double Magenta: Purplish-red.
Double Pink: Dark pink.
Double White: Pure clear white.
Double Yellow: Bright lemon yellow.
Light Pink With Eye: Shell pink flowers with rose centers.

Castor Bean: 2 gallon
Height: 5-8’/Spread: 5′
Giant palm shaped red leaves up to 2 feet across! Provides a quick tropical-like shade. Dark seed pods covered with red soft spines.

Celosia (Cockscomb): 1204 pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 8-10”
Bright plume or feathery-like flowers adorn tops of green foliage. Flowers are great for dried arrangements.
Armor Mix: Bright color mix of brainy flower clusters.
Kimono Mix: Compact feathery plumes in a sunset of colors.

Dracula: 4 inch
Height: 24″/Spread 15-18″
A novelty celosia displays a large red Cockcomb with dark red purple foliage. Unusual and eye catching in gardens and containers.

Dragon’s Breath: 1 gallon
Height: 24”/Spread: 15-18”
This variegated Cockscomb offers long lasting, feathery red-hot plumes above olive-green leaves edged in and shot with red accents.

Centaurea (Bachelor Buttons): 4 inch
Height 36″/Spread 8-12″
Double flowered Bachelor Buttons for garden or cutting. A true formula mix of white, pink, blue, lavender and maroon on top of strappy silver foliage. Flowers are edible, use the petals for decorating desserts or brightening up a salad.

Chrysanthemum (Buttons): 1204 pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 8-12”
Miniature daisy-like blooms with bright yellow centers. Compact plants are excellent in flowerbeds or as accents in containers.
Snowland: White petals.
Yellow Buttons: Yellow petals.

Coleus: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-14”
Plants grown for foliage textures and colors. Dramatic color contrasts accent shady locations. Excellent in both beds and baskets.
Black Dragon: Large red/black foliage with curled and serrated edges.
Carefree Mix: Unlike most others, the foliage is not heart-shaped but resembles oak leaves, with big, lobed foliage in dazzling shades of jade, gold, red, and many pastels. The plants are very bushy, and never need pinching to encourage side shoots thanks to their self-branching habit! Carefree Mix is the best choice for exotic texture and rich color in the shade.

Coleus (Specialty Types): 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-14”
With breeding, these unique foliage plants will perform in the sun. They have a traditional Coleus look in a wide range of colors and textures. Great in a variety of situations from bedding to containers. Light shade may be beneficial in hot locations.
Chocolate Covered Cherry: Rose center surrounded by mahogany and a thin green margin.
Lime Delight: Solid chartreuse color.
Flame Thrower Spiced Curry: 18″ tall. Narrow leaves have a maroon base with a broad overlay of warm curry. Edges are deeply serrated.
Freckles Gold: Proven Winners Product. 24-20″ tall. Bronze and orange splotches on pale yellow leaves.
Inferno: 28″ tall. Bright lime yellow with an irregular green line in the center. Very uniform and well branching.
Mainstreet Dutch Mill Drive: 24″ tall. Bright lime yellow with an irregular green line in the center. Very uniform and consistent branching.
Mainstreet Granville Street: 24″ tall. Brightens shade gardens with green-flecked leaves sporting a chartreuse margin. It is naturally heavy branching and late to flower. This medium-vigor variety is easy to grow from and makes an ideal centerpiece in a mixed container.
Stained Glass Luminesce: 20″ tall. Attractive serrated pointy leaves remain green in color with showy rose variegation and tinges of dark red throughout the year.
Stained Glass Tilt a Whirl: 20″ tall. Distinctive furled circular leaves of muted heather to mahogany with zagged lime edges and feathered centers.

Kong Series: 1 gallon
Height: 18-22”/Spread: 22-28”
Kong coleus is the king this season. Grows tall with a well-mounded, compact habit. Boasts huge leaves in bold coloration’s. Performs best in full shade. Exceptional mass planted in beds or use as a superb accent in containers.
Red: Rich red center, strong veining, and bright green edge.
Lime Sprite: Lime green with a rose interior.
Mosiac: Bright green with shades of red and cream. No two leaves are alike.

Cordyline (Spikes)
Red Sensation: 1 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3’
Dramatic show of long, dark red-purple sword-like leaves are the hallmark of this vigorous grower. Fabulous specimen for container centers or in the garden. Proven Winners Product.

Red Star: 1 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 5″
Burgundy red-sword-like leaves offer great texture and color. Use as a focal point in the landscape or in large containers.

Renegade: 1 gallon
Height: 2’/Spread: 3’
Arching dark purple to nearly black foliage that has a glossy lacquered finish.

Salsa: 1 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3’
A stunning new variety with colorful, weeping, variegated foliage. The young strap-like leaves are a vibrant mix of pink on red that deepen in color as the leaves mature. The ever changing color of the foliage provides year round interest.

Spikes: 2.5 inch, 4 inch, 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 18-24”/Spread: 6-8”
One of the most sought after plants for container centers. Long, spear-like green leaves radiate from a central stalk making it a stunning vertical accent.

Always a favorite because they are easy to grow as well as being a very colorful plant. Large, flat open flowers continue throughout the summer.

Fizzy Rose Picotee: 1 gallon
Height: 36″/Spread: 18″
Semi-double, rosy-white flowers with an eye catching ruby edge. Ferny green foliage.

Purity in White: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 42”/Spread: 18”
Pure white 6” flowers.

Sensation Mix: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 42”/Spread: 18”
Large single flowers, shades of crimson, pink, white.

Sonata Series: 1204 pak & 1 gallon
Height: 24”/Spread: 15”
Large 4” open flowers attract butterflies all summer long on tall, upright stems with ferny foliage. Great as vertical accent.
Carmine: Magenta.
Pink: Pink.
Mix: Carmine, pink, white.
White: White.

Xanthos: 4 inch
Height: 29”/Spread: 16”
An amazing new cosmos! Early flowering, unique soft stunning yellow color with lighter edges. Ideally suited for containers, and also a true eye-catcher in the boarder.

Cyperus: 2 gallon
Height: 16″/Spread: 24″
A water garden friendly-grass with an umbrella shape to it. Ideal for the centerpeiece of a container, in the landscape, and in water gardens.

Cuphea: 4 inch
Height: 24″/Spread: 24″
Bat Face: Named for its resemblance to a bat: the dark purple flower is the face and the red lobes are the ears. Thrives in heat, tolerates drought and attracts hummingbirds. A  showy addition to any garden.

Dahlberg Daisy: 4 inch
Height: 8”/Spread: 15”
Golden Fleece: Lacy leaves with heat loving golden yellow flowers all summer long.
Great in baskets. Drought tolerant.

Dahlia (Seed Varieties)
Large, small, single or double, dahlias can’t be beat for flower power! Continually blooming until the first hard frost.

Diablo: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 14”/Spread: 10-15”
Dark foliage and stunning double flowers is the attraction of this annual flower.

Fresco Mix: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 12”/Spread: 10-12”
Full double blooms in brilliant hues of red, violet, yellow, rose & white.

Figaro Series: 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Uniform height, habit and bloom time. Semi double to fully double blooms.
Orange Shades: Bright orange.
White: Snow white.
Mix: A bright mix of all colors.
Yellow Shades: Yellow to gold shades.
Red Shades: Red to rose shades.
Violet Shades: Medium to light violet shades.

Harlequin Mix: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Unusual semi double bicolor mix includes shades of rose, violet, yellow, orange, scarlet, and white with a contrasting collarette of inner petals.

Dahlia (Tuberous)
Hypnotica Series ®: 1 gallon
Height: 24”/Spread: 10-15”
Real eye catchers in the landscape or containers. Large 4” flowers on short stems that seldom need support. Heat tolerant and perfect for cutting.
Lavender: Purple
Rose Bicolor: Yellow center with pink and dark pink tips.
Orange: Deep orange.
White: Crisp white.
Red Velvet: Dark red.
Yellow: Lemon yellow.
Coral: Radiant coral with deeper coral centers.
Red: Bright Red.
Pink: Bubblegum pink.
Dark Night: Deep burgundy.

Outstanding colors with great garden performance. They have a wonderful fragrance and are excellent to plant early in the spring with pansies.
Floral Lace Merlot Mix: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Spread 8”
Flowers are lacy with serrated petals. Large, fragrant raspberry, pink and white flowers.

Dash Series: 4 Inch
Height: 15-20″/Spread: 14″
Long, strong straight stems hold bright fragrant blooms.
Crimson: Deep crimson with a red center.
Pink: Carnation Pink.
White: Pure white.

Telstar Series F1: 1204 pak & 1 gallon
Height: 6-8”/Spread 10-12”
Naturally compact with a great branching habit. Free flowering with vibrant fragrant blooms.
Salmon: Pastel soft salmon.
Crimson: Dark red.
Scarlet: Bright vivid red.
Mix: A mix of all colors.
White: Pure white.
Purple: Mulberry.

Diascia: 2.5 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 14-16”
Summer long bloomers that will fill a basket or container with simple delight. Compact narrow foliage along trailing stems that are covered with tiny flowers.
Little® Series:
Long flowering diascia produces streams of flowers from May to October. Tight mass of flowers with a compact rounded habit.
Little Dancer: Soft pink.
Little Tango: Bright orange.

Silver Falls: 2.5 inch
Height: 1-2”/Spread: 3-4’
Rounded fan-shaped silver-stemmed foliage with a cascading habit. Drought and heat tolerant. Perfect for baskets, containers, or as a groundcover. Airy, delicate look.

Emerald Falls: 4 inch
Height: 4-6″/Spread: 36″
Excellent texture to mixed combinations. Super soft deep green leaves are always neat and trim. Very vigorous and easy to grow. Heat and drought tolerant.

Digiplexis: 2 gallon
Height: 36″/Spread: 24″
Illumination Flame is an exciting introduction to the gardening world. Magnificent 3′ tall bloom spikes of tubular, hooded flowers are a rich fuchsia-pink with spotted golden throats.

Dorotheanthus™: 4 inch
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 18-20”
Mezoo: Succulent green leaves edged with white. Bright red button size flowers remain open during cloudy weather unlike other Livingstone daisies.

Dracaena (Spikes)
Red Sensation: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3’
Dramatic show of long, dark red-purple, sword-like leaves are the hallmark of this vigorous grower. Fabulous specimen for container centers or in the garden. Proven Winners Product.

Renegade: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 2’/Spread: 3’
Arching dark purple to nearly black foliage that has a glossy lacquered finish.

Red Star: 1 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 5′
Burgundy red-sword-like leaves offer great texture and color. Use as a focal point in the landscape or in large containers.

Salsa: 1 gallon
Height: 4’/Spread: 3’
A stunning new variety with colorful, weeping variegated foliage. The young strap-like leaves are a vibrant mix of pink on red that deepen in color as the leaves mature. The ever changing color of the foliage provides year round interest and is unique to Salsa.

Spikes: 2.5 inch, 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 18-24”/Spread: 6-8”
One of the most sought after plants for container centers. Long, spear-like green leaves radiate from a central stalk making it a stunning vertical accent.

Dusty Miller: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 8-12”
Bedding plant that is sought after for its silver-gray foliage. Variety of leaf textures allow for a multitude of uses around the home and garden. Good container accent.
Cirrus: Silver/rounded lobed leaf.
Silverdust: Silver/deeply lobed leaf.

Euphorbia (Milkweed): 4 inch
Height: 14-20”/Spread: 20”
Breathless White: Terrific branching and dense flowering. Airy white flowers at the end of stems.
‘Gloria’: Great filler plant with profusion of dainty, white bracts against bright green foliage. Mounding habit.

Felicia Daisy: 4 inch
Height: 14-20’/Spread: 20″
Often called a ‘Cape Town Daisy’ or ‘Blue Marguerite’. Showy, vivid sky blue petals with yellow centers. Heat and drought tolerant.

Flowering Kale: 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/Spread: 12-14”
Foliage plant grown for its unique coloration and compact clusters of tightly curled leaves. Excellent border plant, especially in the fall. Color intensifies with cool temperatures.
Chidori Red: Dark pink with fringed leaf.
Color Up Mix: A mix of all colors.
Color Up Pink: Pink center surrounded by green.
Color Up White: White center surrounded by green.
Redbor: Deep purple, very frilly leaves. Young leaves are edible.

1 gallon
Peacock Red: Feathery foliage, red center surrounded by purple.
Peacock White: White center surrounded by green feather leaf.

Fuchsia: 4 inch
Trailing: 10-12”
Most fuchsias bloom from spring to first frost bearing unscented tubular flowers loved by hummingbirds. Arching woody stems with dark green leaves.
Dark Eyes: Deep crimson sepals and tube with deep violet petals.
Delta’s Sarah: Unusual colored, lavender-blue corolla with pure white sepals. Upright habit.
Swingtime: Large double white frilled skirts that contrast beautifully with bold red sepals.

Gazania: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 12-14”
Large daisy-like flowers open in bright sunlight and close in the evening. Bright blossoms cover dark green, glossy foliage. Excellent in warm, dry locations.

Kiss Series: Excellent uniformity in plant habit. Flower stems are short, 3-4”, and hold blooms immediately above the leaves.
Frosty Flame Mix: Frosted silver foliage with a bold mix of striped flowers.
Frosty Mix: Bronze, rose, white, and yellow; silver foliage.
Mix: Rainbow of series.
Orange: True orange.
Golden Flame: Warm golden-yellow with mahogany center stripe.
White: Creamy white.
Golden Yellow: Deep gold.

New Day Red Shades: Powerful shades of red.

Geranium (Ivy): 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 18-20”
Vivid flower clusters bloom down long trailing vines. Bold, dark green ivy-shaped leaves. Excellent in baskets and containers. Assorted colors.

Geranium (Regal): 1 gallon
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 14-16”
Martha Washington: Old-fashioned favorite in assorted colors. Showy blossom clusters have satiny appearance. Bright green foliage is fuzzy and highly serrated. Cool temperatures bring out the best blossoms. Great performer for container.

Geranium (Scented): 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-16”
Fragrans: A spicy scent of apple and nutmeg, silver grey foliage with small white and pink flowers; slight trailing habit.
Lemon Fizz: Upright plants with highly lemon scented foliage. Pretty mauve and dark pink bicolor flowers.

Geranium (Seed): 4 inch
Traditional garden favorite. Seed geraniums provide continual color for the entire season. Compact plants grow in most sunny locations. We offer the Ringo 2000 Series for their early quick blooming quality and outstanding garden performance.

Ringo 2000 Series:
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-16”
Deep Rose: Deep rose-pink.
Salmon: Soft salmon-pink.
Cardinal: Dark red.
Violet: Vivid violet.
White: Pure white/dark green foliage.

Geranium (Zonal): 4 inch
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 12-14”
Well known for its flowers, this is one of America’s best-selling garden plants. Sought after for its vivid color all summer long. Complements any garden or container.
Allure TM Hot Coral: Orange-red.
Allure TM Tangerine: Orange
Americana Coral: The best, true coral.
Americana Cranberry Red: Velvety red.
Dynamo Hot Pink: Bubble gum pink with white eye.
Dynamo Red: Lipstick red.
Dynamo Salmon: Medium coral salmon.
Dynamo Scarlet: Bright orange red.
Dynamo Violet: Cherry violet.
Dynamo White: Pure white.
Fantasia Dark Red: Dark red.
Fantasia Raspberry Twizzle: Light pink splashed with dark pink stripes.
Fantasia Shocking Pink: Medium dark pink.
Fantasia Strawberry Sizzle: Hot Cherry bicolor.
Tango Confetti Salmon: Unique speckled pattern.
Tango Neon Purple: Bright purple.
Tango Red Velvet: Deep dark red.

Rocky Mountain Series: 1 gallon
Height: 12”/Spread: 14”
Outstanding for landscaping. Large colorful blooms are very showy in beds or containers.
Dark Red: Deep velvety red.
Pink: Medium pink w/ white eye.
Deep Rose: Hot pink.
Red: Deep velvety red
Light Pink: Dark pink center w/ white eye.
Salmon: Orange-pink.
Magenta: Cherry red.
Violet: Deep pink-purple.
Orange: Deep dark orange.
White: Pure white.

Gerbera jamesonii: Quart
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 15”
Bold, beautiful daisy that cannot help but make everyone smile. Dazzling in pots and stunning as a cut flower.
Festival Mix: This series contains a spectacular array of colors. They are great for cutting and enjoying indoors. The carnival of color just keeps coming all summer long.

Gomphocaarpus (Hairy Balls): 4 inch & 2 gallon
Height: 6’/Spread: 36″
Pendulous clusters of white and pink waxy slightly scented flowers are followed by pale green, 3 inch spheres covered with soft spines. When mature the pods become yellow, often turning red or brown. Cut long stems to use in fresh or dried arrangements. This plant is highly utilized by Monarch butterflies for egg laying.

Carex buchanaii ‘Red Rooster’: 4 inch
Height: 16-24”
More intensely colored than other sedge grasses. This finely textured ornamental grass has densely tufted, bright reddish-bronze foliage slightly curled at the tips. Effective in borders, containers, rock gardens or around water gardens. Contrasts with virtually any other perennial.

Carex comans ‘Amazon Mist’: 4 inch
Height: 10”
An unusually colored ornamental grass. Fine silvery green foliage gives a misty appearance and different texture to borders or containers.

Cortaderia selloana ‘Pampas Grass’: 2 gallon
Height: 8’
Aka White Feather. Large, impressive grassy clumps, 8 to 10 feet high and wide, with beautiful silver to white feathery plumes in the fall.

Isolepis ‘Live Wire’ Fiber Optic Grass: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”
Decorative grass that grows well by water. Produces silvery flower heads on the ends of its stems, making it appear like a tuft of fiber optic threads that tend to ‘glimmer’. Forms a dense mounding habit. Great addition to containers with its billowing leaves. Impossible to pass without touching!

Lagurus ‘Hare Tails or Bunny Tails’: 4 inch
Height: 12 -20″
Add a little whimsy to your garden or containers. In early summer it is topped with puffballs that look like furry cotton tails of rabbits. They are soft, fluffy and irresistible to touch. In the fall the bunny tails turn to a rich tan and dry on the plant. Awesome for dried arrangements. Extremely drought tolerant.

Pennisetum setaceum Rubrum ‘Purple Fountain Grass’: 1 gallon & 2 gallon
Height: 3’
Waves of gracefully nodding soft burgundy plumes arching over bronze purple foliage. Very dramatic in containers clusters or mass plantings.

Stipa tenuissima ‘Pony Tail Grass’: 4 inch
Height: 20-30”
Graceful, fine, needle-like green foliage forms mounding clumps of textural interest. Golden-blonde seed heads in mid-summer resemble a horsetail. Useful in containers and the landscape.

Gourd (Ornamental)
Small Mix: 1204 pak
95 days; A great range of sizes and shapes including small Apple, Pear, Spoon, Nest Egg, White Crown of Thorns, Yellow Warted, Small Orange, Flat Striped and more!

Luffa Sponge: Quart
A very vigorous vine. Excellent to exfoliate your skin or use for washing dishes, your car or windows! The fruit grow about 2′, and the vine is very ornamental, producing clusters of yellow blossoms, in pleasing contrast with the silvery-shaded, dark green foliage. They ripen to dark green in late summer, and for sponge harvest should be left on the vine until the skin begins to shrivel. When this occurs, harvest them and scrub the skin away, revealing the porous, dense network of tan-colored matter within. They will be full of seeds; just cut the gourd to desired size and shake out the seeds. They’re ready to use!

Gypsophila (Baby’s Breath): 4 inch
Height: 6-10”/Spread: 12-15”
Long-lasting white bloom complements just about every cut-flower. Use them fresh from the garden for several weeks of color, or dry them for months of use as everlastings.
Gypsy Deep Rose: Double, deep rosy pink blooms cover green leaves. Great for beds, containers and baskets.
Gypsy Deep White: Thousands of double pure white blooms. Each flower is tiny, but there are so
many and so closely spaced that they form a cloud of soft color.

Hedera (Ivy): 2.5 inch & 4 inch
Height: 4-8”/Spread: 18-24”
Evergreen plants provide season long foliage accents for containers and baskets. Great for topiaries and training up basket wires or chains.

Helianthus (Sun Flower): 1 gallon
Height: 16”/Spread: 8”
Miss Sunshine: Sunny golden-colored 4” blooms, “face up” for big retail impact, and produce long-lasting color for the consumer, with a fast flush of secondary flowers. These pollen-free plants do not aggravate allergies and there is no messy pollen to drop. A well-known sunflower characteristic is that the flowering heads track the sun’s movements, a phenomenon known as heliotropism.

Helichrysum: 4 inch
Height: 3-4”/Spread: 18-24”
These unique plants add unusual textures and colors to baskets and containers. Great spreading habit. Love full sun.
Icicles: Clumps forming and covered with long, elegant, narrow powdery silver foliage.
Licorice Splash: Delightful gray green leaves with creamy variegation. Proven Winners Product.
Silver Large Leaf: A trailing mass of round silvery gray foliage.
Silver Mini Leaf: A mini version of large leaf.

Heliotrope: 4 inch
Height: 16”/Spread: 12-14”
Marine: Large, lavender blue flower clusters are held above dark green foliage. The wonderfully fragrant blossoms attract butterflies. Great when mass planted. They can take full sun in cooler climates, but need shade in hot areas.

Impatiens: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 12-14”
The standard for shady locations. Masses of flat open flowers appear above bright green foliage. Color is
season-long. We have chosen the Super Elfin Series for its better branching and flower power.
Coral: Coral.
Pink: Pink/dark pink edge.
Hot Mix: Punch, scarlet, violet and red. Ouch!
Red: True red.
Lavender: Lavender.
Sedona Mix: Bright orange, salmon & salmon splash.
Lipstick: Hot carmine.
Orange: Bright orange.
Violet: Fuchsia.
Paradise Mix: Lavender, melon, violet, lipstick.
White: White.
Outpatient: A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Blue Pearl, Bright Orange, and Punch.

Impatiens, Dbl. Rosebud: 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10-12”
Showy double rosebud-like flowers cluster over bright green foliage. The Fiesta Bonita Series is the only compact double impatiens on the market, vigorous and free-flowering bloomer. Great specimen for gardens and containers.
Cherry: Cherry red.
Pink: Cherry blossom pink.
White: Arctic white.
Rose: Dark rosy-pink.

Impatiens, New Guinea: 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10-12”
Create a tropical appearance with bold Guinea Impatiens. Excellent for accenting shady areas, containers, or baskets. We are offering the Harmony Series this year for more color variety and growth habit. This series is notable for their compact growth, excellent branching, large flowers and uniform flowering time.
Pink Smile: Pink with green foliage.
Deep Red: Dark red with green foliage.
Snow: White with green foliage.
Deep Salmon: Salmon with red foliage.
Orange Blaze: Bold orange.

Ipomoea (Sweet Potato Vine): 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 20-48”
Plants consist of heart-shaped to lobed leaves on vigorous growing, trailing vines. Great for baskets and containers. A standout for texture accents. True heat lovers. Proven Winners Products.
Blackie: Stunning dark purple, almost black cascading foliage.
Margarita: Bright chartreuse, velvety, fan shaped leaves. Very vigorous.
Desana Red: Deeply cut lobed leaves are green in spring, with hints of coppery-bronze as they a mature.

Iresine: 4 inch
Height: 12-18”/Spread: 12-16”
Grown for their colorful lance-shaped to lobed leaves. Use as foliage accent for light shade containers. Ideally suited to sun/partial shade conditions.
Blazin’ Lime: Lime and cream variegation with vibrant rose stems. More chartreuse in higher light conditions.
Blazin’ Rose: Unbelievable shades of bright rose, pink, and green.

Lantana: 4 inch
Height: 12-36”/Mounding
Lantana Landmark™ brings to the table season-long flowering with consistent form and habit. Free flowering with vibrant bloom color. Excellent heat tolerance. Great for containers or landscapes.
Blaze: Feature pink, yellow, and peach colors enswirled on each flower head.
Rose Glow: Clusters of light pink with creamy yellow.
Lucky Lavender: Lavender pink and light yellow blooms.
‘Samantha’: Variegated leaves with yellow flowers.
Peach Sunrise: A profusion of brightly multi-colored flowers.
Sunrise Rose: Sunrise-colored blooms of gold, orange and pink.

Linaria (Baby Snapdragon): 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12”
Loads of small, delicate, snapdragon-like flowers cluster above narrow light green leaves. These popular plants are excellent planted in masses or containers. Performs best in cool summer climates.
Fantasy Blue: Violet.
Fantasy Mix: Blue, rose, speckled pink & yellow.
Fantasy Yellow: Soft yellow.

Lisianthus: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 8-10”
Mermaid Series: Lisianthus is a dwarf, compact plant with good basal-branching and 2 to 3” tulip-shaped flowers. Requires full sun, heat and drought tolerant. Excellent mass planted in the garden or in containers. Can be grown indoors. They are widely sought-after cut flowers.
Blue: Violet blue.
Pink: Shades of pink.

Lobelia: 1204 pak
Height: 4-8”/Spread: 10-18”
This traditional bedding plant looks good whether it is grown by itself or planted in combination with other annuals. Does well in full sun, but does not like it too hot, part shade is recommended. Lobelia will not recover if allowed to dry out.

Regatta Blue Splash: White splashed with blue.
Regatta Sky Blue: Light blue.
Regatta Mixed: Violet, blue, white.
Regatta White: Pure white.
Regatta Sapphire: Deep blue/white eye.

Crystal Palace: Deep blue with bronze foliage.
Riviera Sky Blue: Light blue.
Riviera Midnight Blue: Dark blue with bronze foliage.

Lobelia (Specialty): 4 inch
Height: 4-6”/Spread: 15-18”
This lobelia has an immense flush of color throughout the growing season. Long trailing plants are superior for containers and hanging baskets. Excellent alone or mixed with other annuals.
Blue Star: Dark blue.
Purple Star: Lilac.
Techno Heat Light Blue: Soft blue with a white throat.
White Star: White.

Lobularia Stream Series: 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/Spread: 8-12”
Plants are vigorous and sterile. Because it puts no energy into setting seed, it has an incredibly long bloom time. Great heat tolerance. Sweet honey fragrance.
Lavender Stream: Pretty lavender.
Silver Stream: Pure white.
Purple Stream: Dark Purple.

Lotus Vine: 4 inch
Parrot’s Beak
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 24-36”
Highly sought after for its unusual, silver needle-like foliage and bushy but trailing growth habit. Lotus vine’s scarlet flowers, from which the name parrot’s beak is derived, are a short-term bonus from this lovely plant.

Lysimachia: 4 inch
Height: 4-6”/Spread: 12-14”
Midnight Sun: Pretty sunshine yellow flowers over stunning purple foliage. Forms a dense mat in the garden. Ideal for baskets and containers.

Marigold, African Type
African Marigolds produce large, pom-pom type flowers that provide an unusual and vibrant addition to any landscape.
Antiqua Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”
Dwarf type and early flowering.
Mix: Yellow, orange, gold & primrose.
Orange: Orange.
Yellow: Yellow.

Diamond Jubilee: 4 inch
Height: 30-32”
Tall with large yellow flowers. Sturdy and weather resistant.

Inca Series: 4 inch
Height: 12-14”
This marigold produces enormous double flowers that bloom early and continue all summer until frost.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Orange: Deep orange.

Lady Series: 1204 pak
Height: 20”
Big 3 inch fully double blooms on sturdy stems.
First Lady: Clear yellow.
Orange Lady: Bright orange.

Marvel Series: 1204 pak
Height: 16-20”
Compact, early, double and rain resistant.
Mix: Orange, yellow & gold.
Orange: Orange.
Yellow: Yellow.

Moonsong Deep Orange: 1 gallon
Height: 12-15”
Intense color that makes other orange marigolds pale by comparison. Resists fading. Vigorous plants tolerate heat, drought and stress.

Moonstruck Yellow: 1 gallon
Height: 12-15”
Huge fully double lemon yellow blooms that are tightly crested to shed water better. Excellent branching and stem strength.

Vanilla: 4 inch
Height: 16”
Unique fully double creamy white 3” flowers. The flower heads centers stay tight so
they shed water and will not turn brown in the center.

Yummy Mummy: 4 inch
Height: 18″
Unlike any marigold you’ve ever seen. Chrysanthemum looking large open faced blooms with spiky, pointed petals. Strong stalks elevate flowers in shades of yellow, orange, and gold. Exotic looking but not temperamental.

Marigold, French Type
French Marigolds typically produce bright colored, 1” single to semi-double flowers throughout the growing season.

Alumni Vanilla Cream: 1204 pak
Height 10-12″
Beautiful large, soft butter-yellow blooms with strong stems.

Bonanza Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”
Compact with early double crested blooms.
Mix: All colors of series.
Yellow: Yellow.
Deep Orange: Deep orange.

Disco Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”
Compact with large single flowers. Good weather tolerance, free flowering.
Marietta: Mahogany/yellow. All-America Selection.
Yellow: Golden yellow.

Durango Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-15”
Semi double flowers in a mix of bolero, red, orange and yellow.
Outback Mix: Semi double flowers in a mix of bolero, red, orange, and yellow.
Red: Deep scarlet with hints of yellow.

Fireball: 4 inch
Height: 10-12″
2 1/2″ multicolor blooms on the same plant. Flowers open red, then turn to a fiery bronze, and dark gold as they age.

Safari Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”
Early flowering with large single blooms.
Bolero: Yellow with red splashes.
Mix: All colors of the series.
Tangerine: Bright orange.
Red: Crimson.
Yellow: Yellow.

Marigold, Signata or Mexican Type: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10-12”
Lemon Gem: Small bright yellow plentiful flowers cover delicate lacy foliage. These fragrant marigolds add intense color interest.

Millet (Also Milium)
Purple Baron: 1 gallon
Height: 36”/Spread: 12”
Compact yet very robust. Large, thick flower spikes. Bronze purple foliage is an ideal choice for mixed containers.

Mirabilis (Four O’Clocks): 1 gallon
Height: 24”/Spread: 24”
Tea Time Mix: A wonderful mix of trumpet-shaped, fragrant flowers that open in the afternoon in colors of red, rose, yellow, and white.

Mimulus (Monkey Flower): 1 gallon
Height: 6”/Spread: 6-9”
Mystic Mix: This exclusive blend covers a wide color range and includes spotted blooms. Very compact and uniform .

Muehlenbeckia: 2.5 inch & 4 inch
Height: 6”/Spread: 18”
Wire vine has tiny round leaves that create a halo effect alone, or in a mixed basket or container with other plants. Can be wintered indoors.

Nasturtium: 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 12-15”
Old-fashioned favorite. Round bright green leaves with 2 to 2 ½” fragrant blooms. Flowers are edible with a radish-like flavor. Useful in baskets and containers.
Alaska Mix: Bright colors/ marbled leaf.
Gleam Mix: Red, yellow/trailing. All-America Selection Winner.
Empress of India: Red/purplish-green leaf.
Kaleidoscope Mix: Bright swirled and solid colors.
Whirlybird Cherry Rose: Large spurless single upward facing flowers.
Nemesia: 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/Spread: 8-10”
Billowing clusters of flowers continue to bloom into the cooler parts of the year. Larger blooms than other Nemesia. Light to heavy fragrance is alluring. Heat tolerant.
Lagoon Blue: Compact purplish-blue.
Lagoon White: Clean white with a small yellow eye.

Clusters of star-shaped flowers are held over large soft-green oval leaves. Dramatic in mass plantings and useful in containers. Great for hummingbirds.

Perfume Series: 1 gallon
Height: 20”/Spread: 15-18”
Lavish 2 inch star flowers are highly scented, and their strong perfume floats through the evening air, enticing one to linger a little longer in the garden. The Perfume Series offers a long-lasting show whether planted in the landscape or in containers.
Antique Lime: Intense lime-green flowers.
Blue: Subtle, lilac-blue flowers.

Star Maker Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 10”
Bright Red: Cardinal red.
Lime/Purple Bicolor: Soft green and purple bicolor.
Mix: Formula mix.
Appleblossom: Pale pink.
White: Snow white.

Nierembergia: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12”
Small star-like flowers cover airy stems of needle-like foliage. Excellent performer in beds, containers and baskets. Trimming back plant helps promote growth.
Purple Robe: Lilac blue.
White Robe: White.

Ornamental Peppers
Ornamental peppers are relatively easy to grow as container or landscape plants. A very unique plant idea!

Chilly Chili: 4 inch
Height: 9-10”/Spread: 12-14”
2 to 2.5 inch blunt-nosed peppers mature from greenish-yellow to orange and dark red. Fruit is non-pungent

Purple Flash: 4 inch
Height: 13-15”/Spread: 20”
Striking black, purple, and white variegated foliage with a layered branching habit. Small glossy black fruit is extremely hot.

Sangria: 4 inch
Height: 8-10″/Spread: 16-20″
Excellent in containers and landscapes. Produces a continuous display of both red and purple peppers. Fruit is non-pungent.

Osteospermum (South African Daisy)
Osteos are sub shrubs, meaning they become woody at the base of the plants. They are well branched and form handsome tall plants with beautiful daisy flowers. Newer varieties are more compact, creating beautiful accents to garden beds and containers with better flowering performance in warmer temperatures.

Astra (R) Series: 4 inch
Height 16-18″/Spread: 14″
Astra series are the most compact African Daisies on the market. Their bright flowers are produced in profusion atop compact, mid-green foliage.
Pink Spoon: Unique spoon-like pink flowers look like fancy pinwheels, with a deep purple center.
Purple Spoon: Magenta flowers with fluted, spoon-shaped petals, with a deep purple center.

Blue Eyed Beauty:
A stunning contrast of a purple center and yellow petals. Blooms with early spring color and unlike other osteospermum, the blossoms stay open.

Serenity Series: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 18”/Spread: 24”
These early flowering plants have excellent basal branching and a naturally compact habit. They are fantastic garden performers with a prolific flower show over dark green foliage throughout the season. Perfect for containers.
Pink: Rosy-pink flowers with bluish-purple center.
White: Pure white with bluish-purple center.

Symphony Series: Proven Winners product; 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 12-18”/Spread: 24”
Lemon: Bright yellow with a dark eye.
Orange: Bright orange with a dark eye.

Voltage Yellow: 4 inch
Height: 10-16”/Spread: 24-28”
This unique clear yellow osteo is the first to bloom in the spring. The low spreading habit and excellent branching makes it ideal for containers, baskets and landscapes.

Cool Wave Series: 4 inch
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 24-30”
More vigorous than any other spreading pansy! This plant trails more than 2 feet long, with masses of bright 2 inch blooms. Great for hanging baskets, containers or across the garden floor.
Mix: A formula mix.
Purple: Dark pansy purple.
Yellow: Bright clear canary yellow.
Blue Skies: Purple-blue flowers with a large yellow whiskered center.

Delta Series: 1204 pak & 804 pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 10-12”
A spring-flowering series produces 2.5” to 3” blooms. Blooms earlier than any large-flowered pansy. Delta over winters well and shows superb heat tolerance. Perfect for spring and fall planting.
Beaconsfield: Purple with a white wing.
Buttered Popcorn Mix: Pure Golden Yellow, Pure Primrose and Pure White mix.
Cotton Candy Mix: Pure blue and pink shades.
Deep Orange: Clear deep pumpkin orange.
Fire: Blaze of red, scarlet, yellow with mahogany accents.
Gold with Blotch: Deep golden yellow with a dark red blotch.
Neon Violet: Deep violet with striking neon blue face.
Primrose: Light yellow.
Pure Red: A deep red w/ darker center.
Pure Violet: A clear purple.
Pure Yellow: Improved golden yellow.
Pure White: A pure white color with yellow eye.
Red with Blotch: Deep red with a dark red blotch.
Tri-Color Mix: Pure light blue, pure primrose, pure violet.
True Blue: A clear mid-blue.

Frizzle Sizzle Series: 1204 pak
Height 6-8″/Spread: 8-10″
Old-fashioned ruffled edge, 3 inch blooms are an eye grabbing novelty and they will fill your garden with a sweet fragrance!
Mix: A dazzling rray of fruity colors to brighten your borders and patios.
Raspberry: Brilliant raspberry colored bicolor.
Yellow Blue Swirl: Bicolor yellow and blue with a unique twist.

Inspire DeluXXe Series: 1204 pak
Height: 6-8″/Spread: 6-8″
Extra-large 3 1/2″ Blooms on uniform well branched compact plants.
Denim: Dark blue-purple to blue lavender with a dark blotch.
White Violet Wing: Violet with a white shrouded face.

Majestic Giant Series: 4 inch
Height: 6-8″/Spread: 10-12″
A early bloomer with huge 4 inch flowers. Excellent overwintering.
Mid Blue with Blotch: Lavender-blue with a purple blotch.
Rosalyn: Rosy-pink shades with a blotch.
Sherry: Light pink, yellow and dark pink.
White with Blotch: White with a purple blotch.
Yellow with Blotch: Butter yellow with a purple blotch.

Matrix® Series: 1204 pak
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 10-12”
Coastal Sunrise: Shades of light lavender blue w/blotch, light rose, peach, yellow and rose shades w/blotch.
Morpheus: Purplish-blue cap with whiskered yellow lower petals. Early and vigorous habit.

Specialty Pansies: 1204 pak & 804 pak
These varieties are unique, must-have selections for the garden.
Moss Boise State Mix: A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Blue and Orange, of course!
Joker Poker Face: 2” to 3” blooms of deep purple with orange faces and dark eyes.
Karma Lavender Shades: Light to dark shades of lavender.
Majestic Giant II Mix: Majestic Giants II is the first F1 Hybrid Pansy to receive the All-America Selections Award. An early bloomer, which flowers freely and profusely despite their immense size. Blooms reach 3½” on vigorous plants. Resistant to both heat and cold. A mixture of red, yellow, white, and purple.
Mariposa Black: Blooms on very dark purple-black blooms.

Papaver: 4 inch
Height: 8-10″/Spread: 12″
Apricot Chiffon: This California poppy has luscious silky like apricot blooms with light rose swirls. Lush finely divided green foliage. Great in beds or containers. Drought tolerant and low maintenance.

Penstemon (Beard Tongue)
Large, diverse groups of plants, mostly all are native North American wildflowers. Tolerant of sunny, dry locations.
Phoenix™ Series: 1 gallon
Height: 20-24”/Spread: 10”
Penstemon bear large, showy, snapdragon-like flowers all summer.
Appleblossom: White edged in pink.
Magenta: Magenta w/light pink throat.
Red: Bright red w/white throat.
Violet: Violet-purple w/white throat.

Perilla®: 4 inch
Height: 24-36”/Spread: 16-24”
Magilla Tricolor: This coleus-like plant is exceptional. Large, strong leaves in hot-pink, green, and deep plum shades create quite an impact in containers or when mass planted as a border in beds. Unbeatable heat tolerance and will perform well both in sun and shade.

Daddy Series: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Bloom: 4”
Daddy types are brightly veined. Great visual appeal. Early blooming.
Blue: Silver blue with violet veins.
Mix: An eye catching mix of blue, pink, sugar and strawberry. *Pictured
Sugar: Light orchid with deep purple veins.

Double Petunias: 1204 pak
Height: 10-15”/Bloom
Double flower petunias are a very popular garden plant because of their heavily ruffled carnation-like blooms. Some have a very sweet fragrance. Double petunias usually prefer semi-shade during hot summer days.
Cascade Blue: Striking, large double flowers in deep blue.
Cascade Burgundy: Bright burgundy 4-5” heavily petaled flowers. Early blooming and excellent habit.
Cascade Pink: Early blooming with 3-4” medium pink, heavily ruffled flowers.
Glorious Mix: Fully double blooms in a mix of bi-colors and solid colors include red, purple, pink, burgundy, salmon and white, bearing 3½”-4”blooms.
Purple Pirouette: Double 4” violet-blue flowers with a wide band of white edging offer superb garden performance.
Valentine: Large 3-4” bright red flowers.

Dreams Series: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Bloom: 3-4”
Free-flowering, tightly branched petunias deliver matched performance across all colors. Weather tolerant.
Appleblossom: Light blush salmon or chiffon blooms.
Burgundy: A true burgundy.
Midnight: Violet-toned blue flowers.
Mix: Formula mix
Neon Rose: Large magenta purple blooms with a white throat.
Patriot Mix: Red, white and midnight blue.
Pink: Bright clear pink.
Red: Bright true red.
Rose Morn: Hot rose blooms with morn center and yellow throat.
Salmon: Large salmon pink.
Sky Blue: Medium blue.
White: Pure white. Very early to flower with exceptional garden performance and bounce back from rain.
Wildrose Mix: A vibrant mix of appleblossom, neon rose, and burgundy.

Limbo Series: 4 inch
Height: 5-8″/Bloom 4-5″
Naturally compact, stretch resistant plants have extra-large bright blooms.
Blue: Deep blue.
Burgundy: Bright pink with deeper burgundy center.
Peach: Light salmon.
Red: Brilliant red.
Rose: Deep pink.
Sky Blue: Light lavender blue.
Sweet Pink: Pretty medium pink.
Violet: Pastel violet.
White: Snow white.

Supercascade Series: 1204 pak
Height: 12-14”/Bloom: 3½-5”
Named after the Cascade Mountains these plants are early to flower and offer a multitude of large blooms. More vigorous spreading habit than other grandifloras. Well suited to garden beds.
Burgundy: Deep wine red.
Red: Early, large fiery scarlet.
Blue: Deep violet-toned blue.
Rose: Deep rose with dark throat.
Mix: Formula mix.
White: White; exceptional performer.

Tritunia Series: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12″/Bloom: 2-4″
Cream of the crop, uniting the top performers form Bravo, Storm and Ultra series.
Blue Star: Midnight blue with a large white star.
Crimson Star: Burgundy with a white star pattern.
Lavender: A gorgoeus purplish-orchid.
Red Star: Dark red with a white star center.

Celebrity Pink Morn: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”/Bloom: 2½-3”
This is an early flowering multi-floral series. Large bright pink with yellow and white throat.
Remains neat and compact through the growing season.

Death by Purple: 1204 pak
Height: 10-12”/Bloom: 3”
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Purple is the color equivalent of chocolate so; what a way to go! A deadly concoction of royal purple, plum and lilac.

Heather’s Lipstick Shades: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Bloom: 3-4”
A Moss Greenhouses Exclusive. Sometimes great things happen from mistakes. Last year we had a rack turn over with two varieties of newly transplanted petunias on it. The crew did a great job of getting most of them back in the flats but we did have a few flats that were mixed with red and burgundy. They were gorgeous! When Heather in our sales office saw them she commented “they look like my lipstick shades!” Hence the name.

Hurrah Blueberry Mix: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Bloom: 3-4”
Blue vein, dark blue and lavender tie dye. Delicious!

Prism Sunshine: 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Bloom: 3-4”
Yellow free-flowering grandiflora. Holds its color throughout the season. All-America Selection;

Petunia Specialty
African Sunset: 4 inch
Height: 10”/Spread: 22”
Beautiful rich shades of orange 2½-inch blooms. Great color and garden performance.

Black Magic: 4 inch
Height: 12-16”/Spread: 16-20”
Black with hints of purple. The “little black dress of the garden.”

Cha-Ching Cherry: 4 inch
Height: 12-16”/Spread: 16-20”
Certainly one of the most eye-catching petunia ever grown. Bright jewel tones of deep red outlining a central star that appears pale pink or white from a distance, then reveals
its halos of lime-green, primrose-yellow.

Crazytunia (R): 4 inch
Height: 6-10”/Spread: 18-24″
Never seen before color combinations! Compact, upright petunias have a robust habit and superb weather resistance.
Cherry Cheesecake: Flashy white blossoms are decorated with cherry-colored margins along every petal.
Citrus Twist: Yellow striped with zesty orange.
Moonstruck: Dark maroon edge with a glowing yellow center.

Flash Mob Bluerific: 4 inch
Height: 8-10″/Spread: 36″
Stunning royal blue flowers with powder blue centers. Wonderful for mass plantings, containers and hanging baskets.

Night Sky: 4 inch
Height 8-10″/Spread: 10-12″
One of a kind! Showy white on purple speckled pattern. Very unique resembling the constellations of the night sky. Perfect for hanging baskets.

Sanguna® Series: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 36”
This series offers vigorous cascading petunias with early superb bloom power. Bred for exceptional branching,
flowers fill the center of the plant, not just the outside.
Atomic Blue: Mid blue with splashes of silver.
Lipstick: Electric pink.

Sophistica Blue Morn: 4 inch
Height: 10-15”/Spread: 10-12”
A special ‘one-of-a-kind’ color, Large wavy edged star shaped blooms in a rich blue with silver-white throat on lush upright plants.

Suncatcher Series: 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/ Spread: 10-12”
Pink Lemonade: Unique two toned petunia of yellow and rose. Holds its color under all conditions. Plants stay compact without pinching and bloom tirelessly all summer long.
Plum Burst: Deep purple flowers have even darker veins with a star center.

SuperCal™ Series: 4 inch
Height: 12”/Spread: 18-24”
SuperCal™ Petunia delivers the best characteristics of the favorite petunia and calibrachoa classes. Lots of vigor, loads of flower power, lush foliage and dependable performance.
Blue: Dark blue.
Light Yellow: Soft, golden yellow.
Terra Cotta: Pink, apricot, yellow blend.
Neon Rose: Magenta.
Velvet: Deep red.
Purple: Orchid-rose.
Salmon Glow: Salmon petals with yellow throats.

Surfinia Series: 4 inch
Height: 6-12”/Spread: 24-40”
Heart Beat: An adorable novelty. White flowers with a pattern of pink hearts.
Heavenly Blue: Bright, color-drenched shade of lavender-blue, varying from deep violet to lighter lilac. The petals are wonderfully wavy, making the blooms appear even larger than their already generous size.
Sky Blue: This vigorous, sky blue cascading petunia produces bountiful blossoms that flow from window boxes, containers and baskets. Surfinas are very heat and drought tolerant once established.

Surprise Series: 4 inch
Height: 10-12”/Spread: 18”
A unique breed of petunias boasting a bubble-like, round habit. They are the perfect selection for pots, beds and hanging baskets.
Midnight Cowboy: As rich and velvety as a purple can be.
Yellow: Butter yellow.

Sweetunia® Series: 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 18-24”
Medium in many good ways–flower size, vigor and growth but maximum in unique flower color.
Johnny Flame: A new unique combo of vibrant deep rose with a vivid purple star.
Mystery: Varies from an antique white with a burgundy-black center and veins to a lovely rosy
pink color with similar dark markings.
Orange Flash: Salmon-orange.

Petunia, Wave® Type
Wave type petunias are an exciting choice for baskets, containers and garden beds where brilliant groundcovers are desired. Flowers form along the length of each branch and bloom freely. Love fertilizer.

Double Wave ® Series: 4 inch
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 18-24”
The vigor of wave in frilly, semi-double bloom. These cover landscapes and baskets with masses of double blooms. Award winning.
Blue Velvet: Such deep blue flowers they look like velvet.
Red: True dark red. Non fading.
Pink: Pretty pink with dark veins.
White: A showy pure white.
Purple: Hot magenta.

Easy Wave ® Series: 4 inch
Height: 8-12”/Spread: 36”
Mounding/spreading habit – More grower friendly – earlier to flower – fills out well and stays full longer. High impact plants with minimal maintenance. An excellent alternative to traditional petunias. Perfect for baskets, containers and garden beds.
Berry Velour: Rosy-red with velvety undertones and darker throat.
Blue: Dark blue with some light blue shading. Earliest blue spreading petunia.
Burgundy Star: Rich burgundy with a white star pattern.
Burgundy Velour: Deep cabernet with velvety undertones and darker throat.
Great Lakes Mix: Violet, Blue and White.
Plum Pudding: Plum Vein and Violet.
Pink: Soft pink.
Plum Vein:First vein pattern in Easy Wave. Lavender background with plum-violet veining.
Pink Passion: Blooms of vibrant mid-pink with rose eye.
Red Velour: Dark blood-red w/velvety undertones and darker throat.
Salmon: Strong, true salmon color.
Shell Pink: Small, light salmon-pink blooms.
Silver: Soft white with blue-purple veins.
South Beach Mix: Red, violet and coral reef.
Sweet Tart Mix: Mystic pink, neon rose and white.
The Flag Mix: Red, white and blue.
White: Pure white.
Yellow: Creamy-edged flowers have veined yellow centers.

Shock Wave Denim: 4 inch
Height: 5-7″/Spread: 36″
1 1/2″ Flowers. Dark blue-purple morphing to blue-lavender-silver.

Wave® Series: 4 inch
Height: 5-7”/Spread: 4’
Low/spreading habit – An exciting choice for landscapes, garden beds, baskets and containers. Flowers form the entire length of the branch and continue to bloom freely all season without being trimmed. Waves stand up well to heat, as well as windy and cooler conditions.
Purple: ‘The Original!’ 2 ½” magenta purple blooms that reach a height of 4” and a spread of 4’. Makes an outstanding flowering groundcover. All-America Selections Winner.

Phlox (Summer Phlox): 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12”
Showy flower clusters are held above bright green leaves on the 21st Century Series. Vigorous branching with superior flower power generates masses of color throughout summer. Heat tolerant.
Blue: Violet blue.
Mix: Formula mix.
Scarlet: Deep red.
White: Pure white.

Midnight Candy: 4 inch
Height: 10-12″/Spread: 10-12″
During the day ‘Evening Phlox’ flower buds are closed and have no scent, as the sun goes down the maroon buds open into innocent looking white pinwheels releasing a powerful delicious fragrance. Plant near bedroom windows or near an outdoor seating area.

Plectranthus (Swedish Ivy): 4 inch
Height: 5-6”/Spread: 24-36”
These plants are great for their attractive foliage and trailing vines that have a variety of textures and colors. Great for hanging baskets and spilling over the edge of containers, or as a groundcover in troublesome areas.
Lemon Twist: Leaves are scalloped with contrasting green and pale yellow foliage with a nice lemon scent.
Variegata: Attractive variegated foliage that is green with white margins.

Portulaca (Moss Rose): 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12”
Well-branched plants with an upright, mounding habit. The Stopwatch Series is an earlier blooming moss rose with many large semi-double flowers. Excellent garden performer. Likes it hot!
Mix: Mix of all colors.
White: A showy pure white.
Fuchsia: Rosy pink.
Yellow: Bright yellow.
Rose: Bright rose.

Primula (Primrose): 4 inch
Height: 6”/Spread: 6-7”
Spring bloomer with large, dense flower clusters that are held above dark green foliage. A mix of solid and bicolor varieties.

Ranunculus: 4 inch
Height: 6-8”/Spread: 10-12”
Bloomingdale Mix: Double flowers on semi-dwarf plants resemble small peony blooms. Elegant early spring color. Flowers come in shades of white, cream, yellow, red and pink.

Kew Blue: 1 gallon
Height: 18″/Spread: 12″
Intense velvety purple-blue trumpets with darker centers.
Royale Series F1 Mix: 4 inch
Height: 12”/Spread: 12”
Dwarf variety reaches 12 inches. Solid and bicolor blooms with distinct throat markings. Good border plant.

Salvia (Sage)
Salvias are a large genus, up to 800 species of annuals, perennials and shrubs. Upright stems have spikes of tiny flowers that are tubular with two lips, the lower one usually spreading. Salvias prefer sun and well-drained soil. These are tough plants that perform well in bright locations. Drought tolerant once established. Great for containers and garden borders.

Black and Blue: 1 gallon
Height: 24-36”/Spread: 24-36”
Aromatic green foliage with a medium/dark true blue flowers on black stems. Blooms from mid-spring to mid-fall. Proven Winners Product.

Flame: 4 inch
Height: 30″/Spread: 36″
Fiery red flowers, dramatically framed by reddish black bracts.

Forest Fire: 4 inch
Height: 18-24”/Spread: 12-18”
Fiery red flowers, dramatically framed by reddish black bracts.

‘Mystic Spires Blue’: 1 gallon
Height: 18-24”/Spread: 12-18”
Covered with true blue flowers all season. Dark green leaves. A real heat lover. Proven Winners Product.

Summer Jewel Lavender: 4 inch
Height: 18-24″/Spread: 10-12″
Dusty antique lavender color. Held out like flags for every butterfly and hummingbird. Mid green fuzzy foliage. Tough plants bounce back from wind, rain and extreme heat.

Victoria Series: 4 inch & 1 gallon
Height: 16-18”/Spread: 10-12”
Blue: Intense violet-blue.
White: Silvery-white spikes.

Vista Series: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 12-15”/Spread: 10-12”
Salvia provides color all season and requires little maintenance. Tightly spaced florets and dark green leaves. Habit is more dwarf and compact than other salvias.
Mix: Mixture of colors.
Scarlet: Deep red.
White: White with hints of yellow.

Sanvitalia (Creeping Zinnia): 4 inch
Height: 4-6”/Spread: 12”
Golden Aztec: Yellow star-shaped flowers with dark purple centers bloom non-stop. Compact rounded habit.

Scaevola (Fan Flower): 2.5 inch & 4 inch
Height: 6-12”/Spread: 18-24”
‘Diamond’: This gem produces delicate two-toned flowers of white edged in blue. Great for baskets and containers.
Top Pot Blue: Grows as a low 1 foot tall sprawling mat to 2 feet wide with soft nearly succulent medium green colored coarsely-toothed leaves. The 1 inch wide fan-shaped flowers appear in mass from spring through summer with violet blue petal lobes and yellow throats. Pictured.
Top Pot White: A great plant for hanging baskets with its mounding habit and non-stop blooms. Low maintenance and high performance.
‘Topaz Pink’: Color breakthrough! The first pink flowered Scaevola!

Spikes of showy flowers, each having upper and lower lips, which look like a snapping dragon. Mainstay in gardens. Snapdragons prefer full sun and well-drained soil. Remove spent blooms and they will flower all season.
Madame Butterfly: 1204 pak
Height: 27”/Spread: 30”
Tall, strong multi branched stalks. Completely double butterfly type florets. A mix of many colors.

Rocket Series: 1204 pak
Height: 30-36”/Spread: 30-40”
Long flower spikes with well-spaced florets on vigorous, heat resistant plants. Fantastic for garden backgrounds and as cut flowers. All-America Selections Winner.
Mix: Mixture of all colors.
Red: Dark red/dark foliage.
White: Clear white.
Lemon: Bright yellow.
Cherry: Cherry red.
Bronze: Bronze-orange blooms with yellow tips.

Snapshot™ Series: 1204 pak
Height: 6-10”/Spread: 10-12”
A cool season lover, these bushy plants have closely spaced flower spikes for bundles of color.
Burgundy White Bicolor: Burgundy and white bicolor with a yellow throat.
Mix: Burgundy, orange, pink, plumblossom, purple, red, rose, white, yellow, and red bicolor.
Orange: Dark orange.
Purple: Bright purple-pink.
Pink: Medium pink.
Red: Deep dark red.
Plumblossom: Two toned blossoms of pink and white.
Yellow: Sunshine yellow.

Sonnet Series: 1 gallon
Height: 16-20”/Spread: 15”
Early bloomer with sturdy well branched flower spikes.
Bronze: Bright orange.
Crimson: Bright red.
Mix: A mix of all colors.
Rose: Clear rosy-pink.

Statice: 1204 pak
Height: 20-24”/Spread: 10-12”
Fortress Mix: Stiff upright stems hold clusters of papery flowers in an array of purple, yellow and white. Great cut flower. Everlasting.

Harmony Series: 1204 pak
Height: 8-12”/Spread: 8”
Early blooming series with dwarf glossy, green foliage. Fragrance is intoxicating and wonderfully sweet.
Cherry Blossom: Light pink.
Violet: Reddish-violet.
Mix: A fusion of all colors.
White: Snow White.
Purple: Medium purple.

Succulent Collections:
Height/Spread Varies
Succulents, with their striking forms, unusual colors, and easy-care reputation, are becoming increasingly important design element in many gardens. Whether planted in mass, as specimens in the garden, or featured in containers, they have much to offer landscapers and home gardeners. They thrive in sunny, well drained areas with very little maintenance. Succulents create striking accents as ground cover in your gardens, planted containers, miniature gardens, wedding favors, terrariums, centerpieces or just your windowsill.

2.5” pots / 32 pots per flat
4.5” Round / 10 pots per flat
10” Round / 2 pots per flat 

A variety of exotic succulents and living garden art created with these beautiful, versatile plants. Our succulents plants include Aeonium, Aloe, Crassula, Delosperma, Echeveria, Kalanchoe, Portulaca, Sedum, Sempervivum, and Senecio to name a few!

Talinum (Flame Flower): 4 inch
Height: 28-32”/Spread: 4’
‘Limon’: A Fantastic Foliage® selection. A must have for its brilliant display of bright lime-green leaves. ‘Limon’s’ airy, iridescent pink flowers are perfect for cut flower arrangements. Handles stress well, including heat and drought.

Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan)
Height: 5-8’/Spread: 16-24”
Three varieties that will add spark to the garden. Grows quickly and flowers into late fall. Wonderful for large containers or baskets, but will do equally well in beds for trellises or fences. Gardeners who will practically swear these flowers are yellow or orange with brown buttons similar to a rudbeckia, but they will see the difference if they look closely. These are actually tubular flowers that are brownish-purple inside.

Arizona Glow: 2 gallon
This vigorous vine produces large bright orange-red blooms with a black purple eye all summer long Arizona Glow is your fearless showstopper! This vine will climb anything willing to support it. Reaching heights of 5 to 8 feet this Black-Eyed Susan is perfect for a trellis or to hang down from a basket or container.

Sunny Lemon Star: 4 inch
Features bold yellow tubular flowers with very dark brown throats along the stems from early summer to mid-fall. It’s serrated oval leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

Sunny Orange Wonder: 4 inch
Distinct arrowhead shaped leaves with winged stems. Produces tangerine orange tubular flowers with nearly black centers all summer long.

Verbena (Upright): 1204 pak
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 10-12”
Sun loving and heat tolerant plants hold large, showy flower clusters above serrated dark green leaves. Superb in gardens and containers. Proven mildew tolerance.

Obsession Series:
Obsession is a more free-flowering verbena and has a more compact branching habit. Reaches 6-12” in height. More heat tolerant means longer blooming season. Become obsessed!
Bordeaux: Deep dark red.
Blue w/eye: Violet blue with eye.
Pink: Solid, bright pink.
White: Pure white.

Tuscany Peach: Soft Peach.

Verbena (Trailing)
Hardy annual with showy flower clusters all summer. Great for baskets, planters and sunny borders. Best in full sun.

Aztec® Series: 1204 pak & 4 inch
Height: 8-10”/Spread: Trailing
This series fits all landscaping needs. Great vigor for the landscape and controlled enough for baskets and containers. Vibrant color choices. Full sun and heat tolerant.
Blue Velvet: Deep dark blue.
Wild Rose: Deep rose-pink.
Dark Red: Deep red.
White: Pure white.
Pink: True pink.
Orchid Magic: Mauve-pink.

Superbena (R) Series: 4 inch
Height: 6-12″/Spread: 30″
Superbena verbenas are very vigorous with strongly trailing habits. Very large flowers are self-cleaning, no dead-heading necessary. Use in hanging baskets, containers and in the landscape.
Large Lilac Blue: Large luminous lavender-blue flowers.
Royale Peachy Keen: Hues of pink, salmon and coral.

Wicked Hot Pink: 4 inch
Height 12-18″/Spread: 24-36″
Bicolored flower clusters. Pink with a neon pink center and a white eye.

Vinca: 1204 pak
Height: 10-14”/Spread: 6-8”
Pacifica Series:
A Hot Summer Survivor! Outstanding in hot, dry and sunny conditions, these durable, stress-tolerant plants meet the increasing consumer demand for water-wise, heat-loving crops. Large flowers on vigorous plants bloom profusely above glossy green foliage all summer. Perfect for landscapes and containers of all types. Incredible garden performance.
Bold Mix: Cranberry, Really Red, Deep Orchid, and Orange.
Cranberry: Burgundy red with a small white center.
Halo Mix: White, Cherry red, Magenta Halo, Rose Halo and Burgundy Halo.
Punch: Rosy pink with a darker eye.
Really Red: True red with a small yellow eye.
White: Clear bright white.

Vinca (Periwinkle)
Spreading, trailing woody vines bear glossy leaves. Prefers well-drained soil. Useful for containers and baskets.
major ‘Maculata’: 4 inch
Zone 5-6
Height: 3-5”/Spread 6-8’
Similar to the traditional vinca vine with mottled green to yellow colored leaves. Excellent accent for containers and baskets.

major ‘Variegata’: 2.5 inch
Zone 5
Height: 3-5”/Spread 6-8’
Very popular plant for containers and baskets. Can be grown as a groundcover in warmer locations. Variegated white and green leaves.

major ‘Wojos Gem’: 4 inch
Zone 6
Height: 3-5” Bloom Time: Foliage
Spectacular variety with vivid cream to bright yellow leaf centers and dark green edges.

Viscaria: 4 inch
Height: 10”/Spread: 10”
A delightful cottage garden plant and very easily grown in a sunny position. Plants are covered with a profusion of gorgeous shimmering blue flowers with a dark eye. These prolific bloomers are perfect for containers, sunny beds, borders, and edging.

Annual vines are one of the best ways to add unique color and appeal to the garden by taking color and foliage over barriers and supports.

Thunbergia (Black-Eyed Susan): 4 inch
Height: 5-8’/Spread: 16-24”
Three varieties that will add spark to the garden. Grows quickly and flowers into late fall. Wonderful for large containers or baskets, but will do equally well in beds for trellises or fences. Gardeners who will practically swear these flowers are yellow or orange with brown buttons similar to a rudbeckia, but they will see the difference if they look closely. These are actually tubular flowers that are brownish-purple inside.

Arizona Glow: 2 gallon
This vigorous vine produces large bright orange-red blooms with a black purple eye all summer long Arizona Glow is your fearless showstopper! This vine will climb anything willing to support it. Reaching heights of 5 to 8 feet this Black-Eyed Susan is perfect for a trellis or to hang down from a basket or container.

Sunny Lemon Star: 4 inch & 2 gallon
Features bold yellow tubular flowers with very dark brown throats along the stems from early summer to mid-fall. It’s serrated oval leaves remain green in color throughout the season.

Sunny Orange Wonder: 4 inch & 2 gallon
Distinct arrowhead shaped leaves with winged stems. Produces tangerine orange tubular flowers with nearly black centers all summer long.

Morning Glory Heavenly Blue: 1 gallon
Height: /Spread: Varies
This series stays more compact and plants stay more controlled with less vining than standard varieties. Each sky-blue flower reaches 3 to 4” across, with a small white rim and white throat. Creamy white and green leaves add even more interest when not in bloom. Perfect for summer baskets and mixed containers.

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott’s: 1 gallon
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 8-10”
A profusion of deep purple flowers with a red star and a glowing pearly red throat.

Morning Glory Scarlet O’Hara: 1 gallon
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 8-10”
Velvety scarlet red blooms are a full 4 inches across. Opening in the morning and tightly closed again by late afternoon. Very vigorous and fast growing.

Sweet Pea Winter Elegance: 1 gallon
Height: 8-10”/Spread: 48”
This tall, climbing sweet pea was developed for huge flowers with exceptional color. Its blossoms are long-stemmed and fragrant for exceptional fresh-cut bouquets. Blooms in spring. Support the vines on a trellis or fence. Water when the top 1-inch layer of soil is dry. Fertilize monthly. To keep plants flowering keep roots cool and remove faded blossoms.

Passiflora “Aphrodite’s Purple Nightie’: 1 gallon
Height: 12′
This prolific blooming passion vines, bears showy lilac-purple flowers along its spreading stems of lush green foliage starting in mid-spring and continuing throughout summer. A vigorous grower, it performs well in full sun to part shade, in moist but well-drained, fertile soil. It needs adequate space to grow and looks great trained to a trellis or fence where its stems can reach to to 12 feet in length.

Everyone loves these old-fashion garden favorites. Flowers and foliage resemble baby  pansies. Violas can over winter or reseed easily, creating a perennial habit in warmer climates.

Penny Series: 1204 pak
Height: 6-10”/Spread: 8-10”
Orange Jump Up:Free-flowering compact mounded plants offer 1” orange blooms.
Jump-Up Mix: A cute faced viola mix all with wings.
Yellow: Deep yellow.

Sorbet® Series: 1204 pak
Height: 6”/Spread: 6”
Sorbet offers the widest color range of any F1 viola with an abundant display of flowers.
Beacon Berry Mix: A beautiful formulated mix of Sorbet Beaconsfield, Violet Beacon and Orchid Rose Beacon.
Black Delight: A very velvety dark purple-black.
Blue Heaven: A soft violet blue.
Carmine Rose: Clear deep rose.
Fire: Mahogany-red and gold with dark blotches and whiskers.
Orange Duet: Purple cap with orange face. Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner.
Sunny Royale: Bright yellow with purple wing.

Upright stems hold vibrant, pom-pom like flowers. Zinnias make spectacular garden performers. They love sunny locations and make great cut flowers. They bloom profusely all summer.

Inca Orange: 1 gallon
Height: 36”/Spread: 20-24”
Brilliant orange cactus flowers. Large interesting 5” blooms. Excellent cut flower.

Magellan Series: 1202 pak & 1 gallon
Height: 12-14”/Spread: 10-12”
Brought back by popular demand. Excellent vigor and uniform habit while producing great visual appeal with exceptional large, double vibrant blooms.
Cherry: Cherry-pink.
Pink: Light pink.
Mix: Formula mix.
Scarlet: Scarlet-red.
Orange: Pumpkin orange.
Yellow: Medium yellow.

Profusion Series: 4 inch
Height 12-18”/Spread 12-24”
Profusion zinnias produce 2-3 inch single flowers. Free flowering all season. Best in full sun.
Deep Apricot: Apricot – fade resistant.
Orange: Dusty orange.
Hot Cherry: Deep cherry pink.
Yellow: Buttercup yellow.
Fire: Hot scarlet-orange.
White: Ivory white. All-America Selections Winner.

State Fair: 1204 pak & 1 gallon
Height: 24-30”/Spread: 6-8”
Large husky plants with tremendous six-inch blooms. Excellent color range of lavender, orange, pink, purple, rose and scarlet.

Zahara Starlight Rose: 4 inch
Height: 12-18″/Spread: 12-18″
Pure white petals with a bright rose star pattern.

‘Uproar Rose’: 1 gallon
Height: 30-36”/Spread: 30”
Big double blooms in a brilliant electric rose color reach 4 inches across. This robust bushy variety is a great performer in beds and containers. Excellent cut flower.